10.08.18 Border Crossings: Interdisciplinary Experiments in the Global Urban Humanities: Schedule

Border Crossings
Fall 2018 Global Urban Humanities Symposium
Monday, Oct 8, 8:30 am-12 pm
Wurster Gallery


Symposium Goal--answer the following questions:

  1. Have the interdisciplinary experiments of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative helped us better understand cities and urban life? How?
  2. In what ways has our work had a lasting impact on teaching, research, and practice?
  3. What parts of our work do we want to carry forward, and what is the best way to do that?
  4. Are there new directions we want to take?

8:30 Coffee and registration and poster viewing; student poster authors are present

9:10 Welcome and overview of morning (Susan Moffat)
        Introductory framing (Anthony Cascardi and Jennifer Wolch)

9:20 THE EMERGING CANON: Faculty roundtable on core theory and methods seminars
        (moderated by Cascardi)
        Teresa Caldeira/Shannon Jackson (The City, Arts and Public Space, 2013+2017)
        Angela Marino/Jason Luger (Populism, Art and the City 2018)
        Andrew Shanken (City of Memory 2016)
Is there an urban humanities canon? How are the reading lists for the two versions of the core methods/theory courses different or similar, what classics were part of the City of Memory syllabus, and what does this tell us about the field of urban humanities? How did teaching this course affect your own research? Your pedagogy in other courses?

9:45 Q&A and discussion

9:50 RESEARCH EXAMPLES: Student poster session. Students stand beside posters of work from GUH courses and explain as symposium participants circulate freely

10:10 INFLUENCE OF GUH COURSES: Student roundtable (moderated by Wolch)
          How GUH experiences impacted dissertation research:
          Ettore Santi: (Architecture PhD)--took Pearl River Delta studio, City Arts & Public Space; dissertation on rural/urban tensions in western China
          Diana Ruiz (Film and Media studies): took Mexico City Studio; dissertation on film and US-Mexico border
          Valentina Rozas-Krause: (Architecture PhD) took Pearl River Delta studio, City of Memory, GUH Fellow, 2017; dissertation on Berlin, Chile, California memory
          Lyndsey Ogle (TDPS): took Sensing Cityscapes, City, Arts and Public Space; dissertation on urban vs rural placemaking
          Annie Danis (Archaeology/Anthropology):  took Public Space: Placemaking and Performance; Sensing Cityscapes;  was GSI for Siteworks; dissertation on publicly engaged archaeology

10:40 Q&A and discussion

10:45 Break

10:55 PEDAGOGY+FACULTY RESEARCH: Faculty roundtable on research studios:
          (moderated by Bryan Wagner)
          Greig Crysler (Mexico City 2016)
          Margaret Crawford (Los Angeles 2014, Pearl River Delta 2015)
          Ronald Rael/Stephanie Syjuco (US-Mexico border, 2018)
          Erika Chong Shuch (Bay Area 2014 and 2018)
How teaching this course impacted my own research/practice?
Challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary team teaching

11:20 Q&A and discussion

11:35 Takeaways from morning’s discussions (Jonathan Zwicker and all)

11:45 Future directions (moderated by Wolch/Cascardi)

12:00 Adjourn