10.23.15: Art, Politics & the City in Mexico and China: Videos

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Keynote Address

Ruben Gallo, "Mexico City: From Revolutionary Ruins to Global City and Back Again"

Panel 1 | Modernity in Process: Creative Practice, Urban Experience and the City

Tatiana Flores, "Mexico City--Avant-Garde City?
Edward McCaughan, "Art, Activism and New Ways of Being Mexican"
Daniel Hernandez, "¡Me Encanta la Ciudad!: The Perils of a More User-Friendly Mexico City"

Discussant: Ivonne del Valle

plus Exhibit(ion)s and publications

Margaret Crawford, Winnie Wong, Ettore Santi, José Figueroa, Valentina Rozas-Krause, Art+Village+City
Dana Cuff, Jonathan Crisman, Now Shanghai
Kirsten Larson, Karin Shankar, P[art]icipatory Urbanisms
Mia Fuller, Lawrence Yang, Urban Pilgrimage

Panel 2 | Insurgent Cities: Politics, Space and Urban Action in Mexico D.F.

Juan Carlos Rulfo, "Searching for Identity"
Minerva Cuevas, "Dissidence, Mapping Resistance in Mexico City"
Jesusa Rodríguez, "Mexico City: The Insatiable Mouth"

Discussant: Gaston Alzate

Closing Remarks

Respondents Maite Zubiaurre and Michael Dear discuss the day's panels