Art+Village+City: The Website

Posted on by Genise Choy
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Art+Village+City in the Pearl River Delta was one of two interdisciplinary courses sponsored by the Global Urban Humanities Initiative in Spring 2015. Students in this research studio utilized a variety of research methods from interviews to video documentation to explore the ongoing evolution of relationships between urban and rural spaces and people, and the emerging role of the arts in China’s Pearl River Delta.

Students from the Art+Village+City studio have been working hard over the summer to turn the class's experiences and documentation into polished products to share with the world, in the form of a catalogue, a website and an exhibition (to be shown both here at home in the Wurster Gallery and at the 2015 Shanghai West Bund Biennale)!

Take a moment to browse through the website, featuring artwork by José Joaquin Figueroa and text by Winnie Wong and Brittany Birberick:


Image courtesy of José Figueroa