Current Undergraduate Certificate Students

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Caitlyn Cline, English

Kaitlyn Corr, American Studies, Gender and Women Studies Minor

Kim Do, Conservation and Resource Studies

Menat El Attma, English

"Having emigrated from Egypt to the United States in November of 2005, I am now a third-year undergraduate student studying English Literature. The city landscape, or cityscape if you will, is an abstract canvas that draws upon varying symbolisms and meanings associated with homeplace and home-making, especially during these contemporary times. I believe to understand the role of cityscapes as a space of (communal) life, performance, and choice, it is critical to re-examine this space and the processes that produced it. Some are out of necessity while others are of out of a different imaginative design and intention. Personally, I am invested in a myriad of art forms because it is necessarily through Art that we can meaningfully study history, religion, science, language, ourselves and each other."

Kalea Frank, SED

Snow Guilfoyle, Undecided

Stephanie Gutierrez, Urban Studies, intended City Planning minor

Sierra Kirkpatrick, SED

Emily Lempko, History, Education minor

Abigail Lidar, Sustainable Environmental Design and Food Systems

Abi is a sophomore studying Sustainable Environmental Design and Food Systems. She is particularly interested in developing adaptation-based climate change response paradigms, specifically centering around food production, and wishes to pursue a career in the food technology industry. Her background in performing arts and interest in cities inspired her to pursue a GUH certificate, and she sees the program as a way to bridge innovation and pragmatism in design.

Claudia Liu, Business Administration, City Planning minor

Shuge Luo, Cognitive Science (intended) 

Shuge is a first year student studying Cognitive Science. She is interested in solving urban problems through smarter design and tactile installations."


Calvin Nguyen, American Studies, Education minor


Michael Qi, Undeclared 

Wesley Tam, Geography, Conservation and Resource Studies

"Having grown up in San Francisco and Hong Kong, Wesley holds a strong interest in urban green spaces and theater arts, and is pursuing the Global Urban Humanities Certificate to understand how cities are expanding as platforms for sustainable and artistic leadership."

Hailey Windsor, Individual Major in Human-Centered Design (intended) 


Find out more about the Undergraduate Certificate here.