“City as Nexus”: Introducing the Fall 2017 GUH Colloquium

Wednesday, 08/23/17
494 Wurster Hall

“City as Nexus”: Introducing the Fall 2017 GUH Colloquium

Kevin Block, Colloquium Moderator, Rhetoric Department
Wednesday, August 23, 12:00-1:30pm
Cal Design Lab, Wurster 494, Wurster Hall

In the first session of the GUH Colloquium, Kevin Block will introduce the Global Urban Humanities initiative and provide an overview of the Fall 2017 Colloquium, including brief descriptions of speaker topics and assignments. Attending this introduction is especially important for students who are interested in enrolling in the course for credit or for anyone who is new to the GUH initiative.

Block is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric Department whose research focuses on architectural history and theory. He’s currently completing a dissertation on the development of the concept of architectural expertise in postbellum New York. In 2017 he was a Global Urban Humanities-Townsend Fellow and he currently serves on the GUH Student Advisory Board.

DIRECTIONS: 494 Wurster is in the SOUTH Tower of Wurster Hall. If you are on the fourth floor in the North Tower you cannot walk across to the South Tower unless you go down to the third floor.  When you enter Wurster Hall's main (west) entrance, turn right and take the single elevators in the South Tower up to the fourth floor. If you take one of the double elevators you are in the North Tower.