In the Site of the Strange: A Pearl River Delta Roundtable

Thursday, 10/23/14
UC Berkeley Extension (Golden Bear Center)

Thursday, October 23, 5-7PM
(no entry after 6PM)
Center for Chinese Studies
1995 University Avenue, 5th Floor


with Marco Cenzatti (Urban Planning), Tim Choy (Anthropology), Margaret Crawford (Architecture) Aihwa Ong (Anthropology), Lanchih Po (International Studies), Winnie Wong (Rhetoric)

The Pearl River Delta region, encompassing the British post-colony Hong Kong, the Portuguese post-colony Macau, the historic port city of Guangzhou, and the post-Mao model city Shenzhen, is a site of exceptions to both national, transnational, and global discourses of space and culture. Join six scholars of the region as they introduce the strangest and most confounding sites they have encountered in their research.

Co-sponsored by the Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GloUH) in association with the Art+Village+City Spring 2015 graduate research studio. For more info, visit: and

Image source:Richard Yuan/Flickr