Traces Still Alive: Homeless Archaeology and Contemporary Cities

Tuesday, 11/15/16
494 Wurster Hall

Annie Danis is a Berkeley Fellow in the department of Anthropology whose work explores the intersection of art and archaeology through a sensory approach to historic landscapes. Her current research takes a creative approach to community-based historic and contemporary archaeology, where a team of researchers are currently organizing data from the “Archaeology of the Albany Bulb,” a former landfill and recent homeless encampment. The data was collected in consultation with former residents, shortly after their eviction by a group of volunteer undergraduate and graduate students and presented in preliminary form at the “Refuge in Refuse” exhibition at SoMarts Gallery in San Francisco. 

Part of the Cities and Bodies colloquium of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative, an interdisciplinary project that investigates cities using methods from the arts and humanities as well as from the environmental design disciplines.

IMPORTANT: 494 Wurster is in the SOUTH Tower of Wurster Hall. If you are on the fourth floor in the North Tower you cannot walk across to the South Tower unless you go down to the third floor.  When you enter Wurster Hall's main (west) entrance, turn right and take the single elevators in the South Tower up to the fourth floor. If you take one of the double elevators you are in the North Tower.