Graduate Certificate Elective Course List

Electives in Global Urban Humanities

An elective course provides participants an opportunity to round out their study of Global Urban Humanities in a discipline outside of their home division. Elective courses will generally be listed under the following course numbers. These course numbers will not count toward the certificate in all years (depending on the degree of their focus on urban topics), so please research the course offerings of the relevant department on their departmental website and check with the GUH staff and the GUH website for the annually updated list (paying close attention to the course section number and instructor as well as main number). You may petition to count courses not on this list using the Elective Petition form. You must take the elective outside your home division (for the purposes of this requirement, History will be counted as an Arts & Humanities discipline although it is part of the Social Sciences Division). Exceptions may be granted by petition.


All electives require approval by petition. Some electives listed may only qualify depending on topic offered. If you don't see an elective on the list, feel free to suggest additions.

For a list of core courses, please visit the Graduate Certificate Core Course List.


African American Studies 240: Special Topics in Cultural Studies of the Diaspora: Mellon Exhibition Graduate Seminar: Disapora | Migration | Exile

Anthropology 250: Seminars in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology C262B: Theories of Traditionality and Modernity

Architecture 209: Special Topics in Architectural Design - Designing for Water

Architecture 209: Special Topics in Architectural Design - Studio One Seminar

Architecture 219: Special Topics in the Social and Cultural Basis of Design: Peace by Design: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Exploring the Use of Design in Peacebuilding

Architecture 239: Special Topics in Architecture Design Theory and Criticism: Architecture and Anthropocene

Architecture 279: Special Topics in the History of Architecture - Public Spaces

Art 163: Social Practice

Chinese 280: Modern Chinese Cultural Studies

Classic 239: Topics in Greek or Roman Literature, History, and Culture

City Planning 241/Landscape Architecture 241: Research Methods in Environmental Design

City Planning 257: Data Science for Human Mobility and Socio-technical Systems

City Planning 284: Urban Theory

City Planning 290: Topics in City and Metropolitan Planning

East Asian Languages and Cultures 204: Topics in East Asian Studies: Visual Cultures of the Long Cold War in Japan and Korea 

Ethnic Studies 240: Series in Comparative Transnational Theories and Methods

Ethnic Studies 250: Research Seminar: Selected Issues and Topics

Film 240: Graduate Topics in Film: Image and Power 

Film 240.3: Screen Dynamics: A Comparative Perspective (offered in Fall 2020)

French 265: Modern Studies: Precarity and the (Post-)Modern City

Geology 251: Topics in Cultural Geography

German 268: Aspects of Literary and Cultural History

History 100F: Not Beijing, Not Shanghai: Four Capitals in China, Past and Present

History 280U: Politics, Culture and the City at the Dawn of the Modern World

History of Art 186C: Contemporary Art in the Americas

History of Art 290: Special Topics in Fields of Art History: Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar: Selecting, Exhibiting, and Interpreting "Queer Art" 

History of Art 290.1: Comparative Conceptualisms: Latin America/Middle East/North Africa (offered Fall 2020)

Italian 248: Italian Geographies

Italian 248: Imagining Italian America

Landscape Architecture C242: Citizen Involvement in the City Planning Process: Planning and Design for the Inclusive City

Landscape Architecture 241/City Planning 241: Research Methods in Environmental Design

Landscape Architecture 254: The Cultural Turn in Landscape Architecture: Developing a Cultural Practice

Music 220: Sound Reproduction Ecologies

Music 246: Theory and Method in Popular Music Studies

Near Eastern Studies C220: Seminar in Near Eastern Art

Near Eastern Studies 296: Topics in Egyptian Art and Archaeology

New Media 290: Critical Practices: People, Places, Participation

Portuguese 275: Critical and Stylistic Studies of a Single Author or Period

Portuguese 275: "Global Souths" beyond Rio and São Paulo: Brazilian Literature and Film from and about the Amazon and the Northeast

Public Policy 257: Arts and Cultural Policy

Rhetoric 240G: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism: Rhetorical Theory

Rhetoric 243: Special Topics in Film-World Enough and Time

Slavic 246A: Russian Modernism (1890s-1920s)

Sociology 280x: Advanced Study in Substantive Sociological Fields

South and Southeast Asian Studies 250: Seminar in South and Southeast Asian Studies

Spanish 280: Seminar in Spanish American Literature

Theater 201A: Foundations in Performance Theory

Theater 266.2: Social Practice: Aesthetics | Performance | Environment

For a list of core courses, please visit the Graduate Certificate Core Course List.