Graduate Program

Graduate Certificate Program

The Certificate offers graduate students the opportunity to structure a course of study that explores cities through a variety of disciplinary approaches. The Certificate emphasizes the intersection of interpretive approaches from the arts and humanities with methods from the environmental design disciplines and only requires 3 courses. A complete program description and application information are available here.

Core Courses

Core Seminars and Humanities Studio/Interdisciplinary Research Studio courses are generally offered in the Spring term. A complete list of current and upcoming courses that count as core courses toward the Graduate Certificate can be found below. The navigation menu on the left lists all core courses that have been offered.

Berlin: The Guilt Environment (Spring 2020 Studio)
ARCH 209 / HISTART 290
Instructors: Lauren Kroiz (History of Art) and Andrew Shanken (Architecture)
The Demos: Politics, Art, and the City (Spring 2020 Seminar)
CYPLAN 291 / THEATER 266.1
Instructors: Jason Luger (City and Regional Planning) and Angela Marino (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies)


There is a rich variety of courses on cities and urban life across many departments at UC Berkeley. A complete list of courses that may count as electives toward the Graduate Certificate can be found here

fellowship programs

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. The Global Urban Humanities Initiative has partnered with the Townsend Center for the Humanities to offer fellowships for faculty and graduate students at UC Berkeley to support research on cities that engages methods from arts and humanities, design disciplines, and social sciences. More information can be found here.

Past Courses

Students have traveled to China, Mexico, Los Angeles, Lagos and more with Global Urban Humanities traveling studio courses.  They have explored theories on urbanism from disciplines ranging from comparative literature to city planning. Check out some of the 20 team-taught and interdisicplinary courses created by the Global Urban Humanities Initiative here.

Check out our web-based projects

Global Urban Humanities students and faculty have created websites, exhibitions and publications using innovative ways of examining urban life.  Check them out here:

Siteworks: Understanding Place through Design and Performance: Website chronicling the process of creating a site-specific performance to examine an urban landscape

See-Through Maps: Maps that Lay Bare Their Point of View:  Map competition and online exhibition

Participatory Urbanisms: online project examining São Paulo and New Delhi through the work of artists and activists

Art+Village+City in the Pearl River Delta: Chronicle of a traveling studio course in Southern China. Catalog.

Urban Pilgrimage: publication on the human experience of cities edited by Global Urban Humanities students

Public Space, Placemaking and Performance: Blog of a course combining methods from theater and urban design

Refuge in Refuse: Students participated in an exhibition on homelessness, public space, and art. Catalog.

Current Graduate Certificate Students

Why should you participate in the Graduate Certificate? Learn how Global Urban Humanities is benefitting our recent graduate certificate recipients. You can also see a list of current students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities here