Mapping and Its Discontents-Videos

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Session 1 | Framing Lecture: A History of Mapping

Denis Wood on "Mapping and Its Discontents" and Response by Michael Dear


Session 2 | Maps and Landscapes

Robin Grossinger on "Visualizing past landscapes, Imagining future ecosystems" and Laura Kurgan on "Data Mapping and Its Contents"

Moderator: Julia Bryan-Wilson and Response by Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris


Presentation of See-Through Map Finalists

Presenter: Greg Niemeyer


Session 4 | Maps and Urban Form

Zephyr Frank on “Mapping Heterogeneity and Change in Urban Space: Rio de Janeiro, 1840s-1880s” and Eve Blau on “Mapping Hybrid Urban Conditions in Postsocialist Europe”

Moderator: Alan Tansman and Response by Diane Favro


Session 5 | Maps as Narrative and as Art

Katharine Harmon on “Mapping the Invisible” and Rebecca Solnit on "The Appetite for Maps: Cartographic Hungers and Feasts"

Moderator: Shannon Jackson and Response by Dana Cuff


Session 6 | Concluding Panel

Panel discussion: Eve Blau, Zephyr Frank, Robin Grossinger, Katharine Harmon, Annette Kim, Laura Kurgan, Rebecca Solnit & Denis Wood

Moderator: Jon Christensen