New Orleans: Historical Memory and Urban Design

Global Urban Humanities Interdisciplinary Research Studio (Core) Spring 2019


Photo: Christopher Porche West












Landscape Architecture 154 + 199

American Studies 102

Instructors: Anna Livia Brand (Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning)
Bryan Wagner (English)

4 units

How can a city's past become a meaningful platform for its future? How can city planners and community organizations work to answer this question in historic neighborhoods destabilized by envrionmental catastrophe, gentrification, multi-scaled development and the privatization of schools and social services?

In this Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio, students will answer these questions by working in groups to create "paper monuments" (poster or other medium) proposing a public monument to a particular person, event, or movement from the history of New Orleans. Projects will consider setting as well as the substance and design of the proposed monument and will interface with Paper Monuments in New Orleans. The class will also produce a collaborative, interactive digital map of North Claiborne Avenue, representing public art (murals), street performance venues (Mardi Gras and second lines), and past and present neighborhood institutions (anchor businesses, parks, and community centers).

Fulfills the studio requirement for the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities.

Priority enrollment to students pursuing the Certificate.

Application required. Applications will be made available in Fall 2018.

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