Past Events: 2017

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FRIDAY, 03/03/17 12:00PM – 1:00PM 

Jason Luger presents Awakening the Dragon: Art, Urban Space, and Authoritarianism. This talk will explore Luger's fieldwork looking at grassroots art activist movements in Singapore, as well as current research which looks at art-activism in authoritarian contexts around the world, including his upcoming book (June, 2017) entitled Art and the City: Worlding the Conversation Through a Critical Artscapes (Routledge). 

Luger is an urban geographer with research interests focusing on urban policy, urban social movements and activism, comparative approaches to economic development, and global cities. His work has been featured in academic journals such as IJURR, CITY, Media and Culture and Geoforum. He conducted field research in Singapore from 2012-214, exploring state-society relations, urban policy, and art-led activism. This event is part of the GUH Brown Bag Series on Cities.

Gendered Citizenship in Urbanizing China:
Lanchih Po

WEDNESDAY, 2/22/17, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

China's household registration (hukou) system has created an unequal "right to the city" in a rapidly urbanizing China. In Gendered Citizenship in Urbanizing China, Lanchih Po examined how women's land activism is affecting this system in the Pearl River Delta region. Read GUH Project Director Susan Moffat's blog post about the event.

Po is associate adjunct professor in International and Area Studies and the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at UC Berkeley. She received her doctorate from the Department of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley in 2001, and taught at Peking University in Beijing from 2001 to 2006. Her research interests encompass divergent developmental paths in China's transitional economies and the socio-economic transformations associated with China's (sub)urbanization process, as well as the connections between urbanism, architectural space, literature, and media culture in China and Taiwan. This is event was part of the GUH Brown Bag Series on Cities.