Publications and Exhibits



BOOM California: Special Urban Humanities Issue Fall 2016

A special issue of BOOM California, with contributions from Walter Hood, Mike Davis, Dana Cuff, Susan Moffat, Jennifer Wolch, and more. 


No Cruising: Mobile Identities and Urban Life: Fall 2016

Out of the Global Urban Humanities Fall 2014 studio comes a new publication documenting student projects that upend dominant myths of the city, also titled No Cruising.


Urban Pilgrimage: Spring 2015

A special Global Urban Humanities Initiative issue of Room One Thousand exploring cities and itineraries.


pARTicipatory Urbanisms: Fall 2015

An experimental web-based publication exploring art and activism in public spaces.


ART + VILLAGE + CITY in the Pearl River Delta: Fall 2015

An open-ended inquiry into the human condition in the built environment through the interdisciplinary tools of urban studies and collaborative ethos of design practice developed by the 2015 Global Urban Humanities Research Studio. 

EXHIBITS & Exhibitions



An exhibition associated with the Art+Village+City in the Pearl River Delta Spring 2015 research studio.

Atlas of the Albany Bulb

Part of the group exhibit Refuge in Refuse: Homesteading Art and Culture Project.

See-Through Maps: Maps That Lay Bare Their Point of View

An online exhibit associated with the Mapping and Its Discontents symposium.