Rick Lowe Residency - Videos

November 2014 - Rick Lowe Artist-in-Residency

Did you miss the Arts Research Center's 10-day residency with acclaimed artist and community organizer Rick Lowe? Did you want to learn more about his stay with us or about his practice?

The Arts Research Center (ARC) documented the many events, lectures, and meetings that acclaimed artist and community organizer Rick Lowe participated in with our community partners, students, and faculty during his 10-day, November 2014 artist-in-residency, co-sponsored by GloUH. ARC produced this short 10-minute video, with an introduction by ARC Director Shannon Jackson, in which you can hear Rick speak about his work with communities and how he navigates his "socially engaged" practice.

A big thank you to ARC's Media Fellow, Nick Randhawa, for his time and dedication to making this video project come to fruition!