Richard Prum: The Evolution of Beauty

Video from 11.05.2018 lecture by Yale ornithologist Richard Prum

Border Crossings: Interdisciplinary Experiments in the Global Urban Humanities

Videos from the 10.08.2018 Fall Symposium

Fall 2018 Open House

Videos from the 08.27.2018 Open House

Siteworks: A Surprise Party

Video from the 04.19.2018 performance by students from Siteworks: Understanding Place through Design and Performance

Art, Politics & the City in Mexico and China

Videos from the 10.23.15 Symposium

Rick Lowe Residency

Video from Rick Lowe's November 2014 Artist-in-Residency

Sensing Cityscapes

Video from the Fall 2014 Methods Course

Reading Cities, Sensing Cities

Videos from the Fall 2014 Colloquium

Mapping and Its Discontents

Videos from the 11.1.13 Symposium

Reimagining The Urban

Videos from the 9.30.13 Symposium