2018 Undergraduate Certificate Participants

Photo of Aniston Breslin

Aniston Breslin

History of Art
Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Siteworks - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core studio)
Pictorial Representation in the Roman World, Classic C175
A Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism, Architecture 170 

Since my focus in History of Art was Architecture, I was intrigued by the Global Urban Humanities Initiative and wanted to learn more about urban life through the program's interdisciplinary approach. I participated in the undergraduate certificate program in order to expand my knowledge of urban humanities by working closely with a team of students from a variety of majors. I was very interested in taking Siteworks: Understanding Place through Performance and Design for the opportunity to work with the professors, who came from theater, architecture, and city planning, and to explore the concepts including public space and the commons. 


Amy Loo

Political Science
Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Siteworks - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core studio)
Reading Chinese Cities, Chinese 158
The Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture & Urban Design, Architecture 110

While studying immigration policy, I realized how the methods and perspectives of political science could not answer essential questions about the everyday life experiences of immigrants. I became interested in how people, specifically displaced populations, perceive the space and environment around them. What makes them feel lost in an urban environment? What makes them gain a sense of belonging and feel at home? The GUH program allowed me to explore these questions with interdisciplinary methods and perspectives.


Tiffany Meng

Urban Studies
Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Siteworks - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core studio)
Urban Sociology, Sociology 136
Advanced Topics in Urban Studies, City Planning 190

In my first three years of work as an Urban Studies major, I felt my understanding of cities was somehow incomplete. My recent participation in the GUH Certificate Program truly enlarged my understanding as it combines academic approaches with real-world experience--placemaking through collaborative site-specific work to bring spirituality into the public realm. Public spaces are the ideal sites of artistic intervention; they are the window into a city's soul. I hope more students will join and share the excitement of discovery with our community. Through active engagement it's possible to add magic to mundane everyday places. You can create a sense of realism that is hard to achieve with conventional wisdom.


Hannah Ricker

Development Studies
Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Siteworks - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core studio)
Postcolonial Geographies, Development Studies 150
Special Topics in Design Theory and Criticism, Architecture 139


I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Development Studies, focusing on geography and Southeast Asia. My studies have focused on the way in which macro politico-economic structures shape and are shaped by urban processes, and how an acute attention to urban studies is critical to a multi-scalar lens of development. I will spend this upcoming year in Berlin, where I will research the ways in which Cold War identities were a product and tool of aesthetic imperialism, and how artistic responses organized around the restrictions of East and West.


Briana Salmon

Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Siteworks - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core studio)
Performance and History - "The Presence of the Actor" - A History of the American Theatrical Avant-Garde, Theater 125
The Social and Cultural Processes of Architecture and Urban Design, Architecture 110

Daniel Sanchez

Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Siteworks - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core studio)
The Southern Border, Education 186 AC/Geography 159AC/Ethnic Studies 159AC
Introduction to Architectural Deisgn Theory and Criticism, Architecture 130


Sam Siegel

Interdisciplinary Studies
Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Special Topics in Architectural Design, Architecture 109
The History of City Planning, City and Regional Planning 200
Berlin and the Twentieth Century, History 167

My interest in cities goes back to 2004 when my older brother and I discovered SimCity 4. That led to my first trip to San Francisco, and to finding a certain public university directly across the bay. I enrolled in the City as Nexus Global Urban Humanities colloquium and realized that I had been moving in a single direction all along: Global Urban Humanities! Now that I have graduated, I don’t know where my path lead in the future, but something tells me I will find many more fascinating cities along the way.

Grace Treffinger

Conservation and Resource Studies
Global Urban Humanities Initiative courses taken:
Sitework - Understanding Place through Design and Performance (core)
Geographic Information Systems, Landscape Architecture C188
Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems, ESPM 155

Undergraduate Students Pursuing the Global Urban Humanities Certificate

Alex Cabana, Architecture

Gabrielle Clement, American Studies and Anthropology

Caitlyn Cline, English

Kaitlyn Corr, American Studies

Kim Do, Conservation & Resource Studies

Nero Dotson, Economics

"I am a second-year undergraduate majoring in Economics.  During the 2018 fall semester, I enrolled in the City Planning 13B: Community and Economic Development course because I was interested in the subject matter, which integrated several areas, such as public policy. After exploring different topics, our discussion on ways that private companies can contribute to low-income communities captured my interest in the growing role of businesses and their relationship with the communities in need. Inspired by my learning experience, I am pursuing a Global Urban Humanities Certificate."

Menat Allah El Attma, English

"Having emigrated from Egypt to the United States in November of 2005, I am now a third-year undergraduate student studying English Literature. The city landscape, or cityscape if you will, is an abstract canvas that draws upon varying symbolisms and meanings associated with homeplace and home-making, especially during these contemporary times. I believe to understand the role of cityscapes as a space of (communal) life, performance, and choice, it is critical to re-examine this space and the processes that produced it. Some are out of necessity while others are of out of a different imaginative design and intention. Personally, I am invested in a myriad of art forms because it is necessarily through Art that we can meaningfully study history, religion, science, language, ourselves and each other."

Kalea Frank, Sustainable Environmental Design

"I am a second-year undergraduate with a lot of curiosity and passion for the world and environment around me. Through this certificate, I hope to further comprehend how we utilize the urban fabric and how we should help shape and share the urban experience."

Ashea Fuller, City and Regional Planning

"As an older re-entry transfer, a mother, a Black woman, veteran, USI, DSP student, and more, my experience feeds my passion for humanity, restoration where possible, and authentic representation at the table as we move forward in structuring our world - physically, socially, and otherwise."

Snow Guilfoyle, Undeclared

Stephanie Gutierrez, Urban Studies 

Sierra Kirkpatrick, Sustainable Environmental Design



Claire Kostohryz, Urban Studies

Celine Liao, Sociology, Gender & Women's Studies

Abigail Lidar, Sustainable Environmental Design (intended)

"With a performing arts background and an interest in urban development, Abi looks forward to finding intersections between art, activism, and design in the Bay Area and contributing to a sustainability narrative beyond its borders."

Claudia Liu, Business Administration

Shuge Luo, Cognitive Science

"Shuge is a first year student studying Cognitive Science. She is interested in solving urban problems through smarter design and tactile installations."


Regina Madanguit, Architecture and American Studies (intended)

Calvin Nguyen, American Studies



Daniel Olea, English



Angela Phung, Art Practice

"Multi-disciplinary artist, budding educator, and postcard enthusiast. Isang bagsak, dalawang bagsak."


Michael Qi, Undeclared

Evin Schrock, Art History

Wesley Tam, Geography and Conservation and Resource Studies 

"Having grown up in San Francisco and Hong Kong, Wesley holds a strong interest in urban green spaces and theater arts, and is pursuing the Global Urban Humanities Certificate to understand how cities are expanding as platforms for sustainable and artistic leadership."

Stephanie Tang, Architecture

Nestor Torres, Rhetoric and Spanish Language & Literature

Hailey Windsor, Individual Major in Human-Centered Design

"Hailey is currently pursuing and Individual Major in Human-Centered Design and hopes that her participation in the Global Urban humanities certficate can expand her understanding of human interaction to a more global scale."

Brandon Yung, Urban Studies

"Brandon Yung is a first year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley majoring in Urban Studies. Hailing from Los Angeles, Brandon is especially interested in the relationship between inequality and the built environment. He is also a staff reporter on the Daily Californian."

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