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Embodying the Periphery Spring 2019

Embodying the Periphery calls for innovative and provoking contributions across geographies and historical timeframes that look at the formation of embodied practices and subjectivities in the periphery that inform the urban imaginaries of a city biography. Publication expected in Spring 2020. 

anti-eviction mapping project spring 2018

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (AEMP) invites scholars, activists, policy analysts, artists, and organizers whose substantive focus is on the Bay Area -- either historical or contemporary -- to contribute to a collaborative atlas visualizing and exploring the causes, dynamics, and consequences of displacement in the Bay Area. Selected contributions will be included in an atlas supported by the Global Urban Humanities Student Publication Grant. Publication expected in Spring 2020. Read about this publication on the GUH Blog

Populism, Art and the City: Spring 2018

2018 Populism, Art, and the City students, Jeff Garnand, Tania Osorio Harp, Xander Lenc and Connie Zheng, published their papers in the September 2018 issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies. These articles are an extension of their final projects for the Spring 2018 GUH Core Seminar Course co-taught by Jason Luger (City and Regional Planning) and Angela Marino (Theater, Dance & Performance Studies), who co-wrote an introductory article for the issue about the course as interdisciplinary pedagogy for our time. 

Borderwall Urbanism: Spring 2018

A special publication on explorations and projects inspired by the borderlands between US and Mexico. This was part of the Spring 2018 GUH Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio co-taught by Architecture and Art Practice Professor Ron Rael and Art Practice Professor Stephanie Syjuco.

BOOM California: Special Urban Humanities Issue Fall 2016

A special issue of BOOM California, with contributions from Walter Hood, Mike Davis, Dana Cuff, Susan Moffat, Jennifer Wolch, and more. 

No Cruising: Mobile Identities and Urban Life: Fall 2016

Out of the Global Urban Humanities Fall 2014 studio comes a new publication documenting student projects that upend dominant myths of the city, also titled No Cruising.

Urban Pilgrimage: Spring 2015

A special Global Urban Humanities Initiative issue of Room One Thousand exploring cities and itineraries.

pARTicipatory Urbanisms: Fall 2015

An experimental web-based publication exploring art and activism in public spaces.

ART + VILLAGE + CITY in the Pearl River Delta: Fall 2015

An open-ended inquiry into the human condition in the built environment through the interdisciplinary tools of urban studies and collaborative ethos of design practice developed by the 2015 Global Urban Humanities Research Studio. 

View ExhibitionsProjects, and Galleries.
To learn more about GUH Publications grants, see Student Publication Grants.