Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Certificate Program

Welcome to the Global Urban Humanities Undergraduate Certificate Program! If you are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to studying cities and urban life, we hope you will join our community of urbanists, artists, designers, scholars and practitioners. The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities provides a framework for the study of cities and urban life that brings together approaches from many disciplines, with an emphasis on approaches from the arts and humanities and the design disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, and urban design. Participation in the Certificate program makes you part of an active community of scholars and urban practitioners and artists engaged in development new methods of research and teaching. Program application information is available here.

Undergraduate Core Courses 

East Bay Revolution: Urban Spaces of Protest and Counterculture Practice (Spring 2020 Interdisciplinary Research Studio)

GUH Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio. Each year, we offer a fieldwork-based course that allows undergraduates to explore an urban site using methods from architecture, city planning, the arts, performance, and the humanities. A complete list of current and upcoming courses that count as core courses toward the Undergraduate Certificate can be found here.

Undergraduate Electives

There is a variety of courses exploring cities and urban life across departments on the UC Berkeley campus. In addition to the Core Course, undergraduate certificate students are required to take one elective in the College of Environmental Design and one elective in the College of Letters & Science in order to complete the certificate. For a list of elective courses, click here. All electives require approval by petition. Some electives listed may only apply depending on topic offered. If you don't see an elective on the list, feel free to suggest additions.

Past Courses

Since the introduction of the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities in 2017, students have worked on projects locally in the Bay Area and New Orleans. They have used interdisciplinary methods from both the environmental design and arts and humanities disciplines to explore cities through a hands-on approach. Learn more about these courses here

Current Undergraduate Certificate Students

Learn about our Undergraduate Certificate from our recent graduates and why they pursued the certificate.