Infrastructure Imaginaries: Informal Urbanism, Creativity and Ecology in Lagos, Nigeria Spring 2019

Instructors: Charisma Acey (City and Regional Planning) and Ivy Mills (Art History)
Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio

Lagos is notorious for its ever-expanding population, massive infrastructural challenges, and controversial practices of state-sanctioned land capture. At the same time, the city is a dense hub of inspiring creativity, hustle and entrepreneurship. Students in this research studio traveled to Lagos to witness this firsthand and explore how visual representation plays a central role in struggles over land and competing visions of the Lagos of the future. Read the full course description | View more photos in CED Galleries






New Orleans: Historical Memory and Urban Design Spring 2019

Instructors: Anna Brand (Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning) and Bryan Wagner (English)
Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio

How can a city's past become a meaningful platform for its future? Students in this GUH research studio course investigated answers to this question for New Orleans' historic neighborhoods by creating "paper monuments," posters or similar mediums, proposing a public monument to a particular person, event or movement from the city's rich history. The class also produced a collaborative interactive digital map of the historic North Claiborne Avenue. Read the full course description | View more photos in CED Galleries






Borderwall Urbanism Spring 2018

Instructors: Ronald Rael (Architecture, Art Practice) and Stephanie Syjuco (Art Practice)
Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio

This course brought students directly to sites along the US-Mexico border and provided context and examples of innovative reactions that challenge preconceived notions of boundaries and territories. Students learned from examples of artists, writers, and designers whose work is in reaction to the borderwall. The finalproject consisted of individual or collaborative works that were deployed at a site along the border. Read the full course description | View more photos in CED Galleries







Siteworks: Understanding Place through Design and Performance Spring 2018

Instructors: Ghigo Ditomasso (Landscape Architecture), Susan Moffat (Project Director) and Erika Chong Shuch (Theater, Dance and Performance Studies)
Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio

Focusing on the Albany Bulb, this course explored what would the Bulb become using methods of urban and natural observation and experiments in performance and documentation. The Albany Bulb is a construction debris landfill in the San Francisco Bay known for its informal art, spectacular views, and a longstanding homeless community. Students seeked to understand this complex space using fieldwork methods from architecture, city planning, arts and performance, and the humanities. Read the full course description | View more photos in CED Galleries