GUH Alumnus Sben Korsh Releases an Audio Documentary With the Canadian Centre for Architecture

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Architecture Alum Sben Korsh Releases an Audio Documentary with the Canadian Centre for Architecture
Detouring the Market Landscape
Canadian Centre for Architecture
Image Courtesy: Christopher DeWolf

Sben Korsh (M.S. Arch '16) recently released an audio documentary with the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) alongside his colleague Maxime Decaudin. It explores topics revolving landscape architecture, climate change, finance, and the role of designers in the making of the Anthropocene. It features well-known voices, such as sociologist Saskia Sassen, designers, urban historians, and climate activists working just north of California in British Columbia. 

Korsh and Decaudin have also published a web essay titled "Detouring the Market Landscape" that explores the topics discussed in the audio documentary as well as the projects on a more-in depth view. These projects entail, for example, Korsh and Decaudin leading walking tours of the financial districts in Hong Kong and London that reveal how the workplaces of international finance connect to industries that degrade landscapes elsewhere. The walks were "a collective, experiential form of research that relied on spatial presence to reveal exploitative networks with expansive reach." The protests revealed local inequalities through a far more urgent mode of occupation.

Their findings and research has far-reaching implementation and has caught the eyes of many individuals. One of these individuals is a prominent Hong Kong-based architectural critic, Christopher DeWolf. DeWolf examined of Korsh's and Decaudin's findings and interviewed them in his piece "The Unexpected Link Between Hong Kong's Urban Spaces and the Global Climate Crisis."

Korsh's research was made possible through his award from the Emerging Curator Fellowship by the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), which was previously reported 2 years ago here.