Undergraduate Certificate Core Course List

Core Courses in Global Urban Humanities

The Humanities Studio/Interdisciplinary Research Studio is considered the Core Course of the Undergraduate Certificate program. Each year, we offer a fieldwork-based course that allows undergraduates to explore an urban Bay Area site using methods from the arts and humanities, and the design disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, and urban design. Students are required to take one Core Course, one Elective from the College of Envrionmental Design, and one Elective from the College of Letters & Science to complete the Undergraduate Certificate requirements. For a list of Electives, visit the Undergraduate Certificate Elective Course List.

Spring 2020

East Bay Revolution: Urban Spaces of Protest and Counterculture Practice (CORE STUDIO) 

AMERSTD H110/Environmental Design 190

Taught by:
Greg Castillo (Architecture)
Scott Saul (English)

This course delves into the history of the East Bay in the 1960s and 1970s, with particular attention to the emergence of countercultural and social-movement communities...more

Spring 2019

Peoples and Places: Memory of Cityscapes


Student-led DeCal Course
Organized by Menat El Attma

Since the camera’s invention in 1816, photographs have become vital to memory and historical explanation. By the faculty of a camera alone, one may now see history as well as read it. It is because of the interlacing process between captured image and moving history that the question of memory has become particularly salient, for in a world where “seeing is believing”, photographs furnish the evidence desired when doubts persist...more

New Orleans: Historical Memory and Urban Design 

LA 154 + 199/AMERSTD 102

Taught by:
Anna Brand (Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning)
Bryan Wagner (English)

How can a city's past become a meaningful platform for its future? How can city planners and community organizations work to answer this question in historic neighborhoods destabilized by envrionmental catastrophe, gentrification, multi-scaled development and the privatization of schools and social services? ... more

Fall 2018

The City and Its People (Colloquium)

RHET 198-3/ARCH 198-2 

This interdisciplinary colloquium engages questions about the humans who inhabit urban spaces...more

Spring 2018

Siteworks: Understanding Place through Design and Performance

LA 154/Theater 114

Taught by:
Ghigo DiTomasso (Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning)
Erika Chong Shuch (Theater, Dance, & Performance Studies)
Susan Moffat (City and Regional Planning, Global Urban Humanities Initiative)

This year, the Research Studio will focus on the Albany Bulb, a construction debris landfill in San Francisco Bay known for its informal art, spectacular views, and for many years, a longstanding homeless community. What will the Bulb become? ... more

For a list of Electives, visit the Undergraduate Certificate Elective Course List.