Undergraduate Certificate Elective Course List

Undergraduate Electives in Global Urban Humanities

An elective course provides participants an opportunity to round out their study of Global Urban Humanities in a discipline outside of their home division. Elective courses will generally be listed under the following course numbers. These course numbers will not count toward the certificate in all years (depending on the degree of their focus on urban topics), so please research the course offerings of the relevant department on their departmental website and check with the GUH staff and the GUH website for the annually updated list (paying close attention to the course section number and instructor as well as main number). 

You must petition to count courses toward the elective using the Elective Petition form. You must take one elective in the College of Environmental Design and one elective in the College of Letters & Science. Exceptions may be granted by petition. To see current and upcoming Core courses, visit the Undergraduate Certificate Core Course List.

All electives listed below must be approved by petition. If you don't see an elective on the list, feel free to suggest additions.


American Studies 10 Imagining the Future

American Studies 102 Oakland | City (AMERSTD 102 changes topics per semester. Please see the Academic Guide for the most current topic.)

American Studies 102: Staging the American City: A Cultural History of Broadway, 1800-present

American Studies 102: Wall Street/Main Street

American Studies H110: Honors Seminar: Special Topics in American Studies (Consent of instructor may be required)

American Studies C111E: Age of Noir

American Studies C111E: Harlem Renaissance

Anthropology 138A: History and Theory of Ethnographic Film

Architecture 109: Special Topics in Architectural Design - Designing for Water

Architecture 110AC: The Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture & Urban Design

Architecture 130: Intro to Architectural Design Theory and Criticism

Architecture 139: Special Topics in Architectural Design Theory and Criticism- Design and Difference: Spaces of Queer Theory

Architecture 170A: An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism

Architecture 179:  Special Topics in the History of Architecture - Public Spaces

Art 8: Introduction to Visual Thinking

Art 23AC: Foundations of American Cyber-Culture

Art 119: Global Perspectives in Contemporary Art

Art 163: Social Practice: Critical Site and Context

Chinese 158: Reading Chinese Cities

Chinese 172/Film 160: National Cinema: Shanghai Cinema

City Planning 110: Introduction to City Planning

City Planning 113B: Community and Economic Development

City Planning 118AC: The Urban Community

City Planning 140: Urban Design: City-Building and Place-Making

City Planning 190: Advanced Topics in Urban Studies

Classics 130: Etruscan Italy. 

Classics 170: Pompeii

Comparative Literature W60AC: Boroughs and Barios: Moving in and through NYC & LA (offered Summer 2020)

Comparative Literature 156AC: Sounding American: Literature, Music, Technology and Race (offered Summer 2020)

Dutch 171AC: From New Amsterdam to New York: Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherland

Education C181: Race, Identity, and Culture in Urban Schools

Education 186 AC / Geography 159AC / Ethnic Studies 159AC: The Southern Border

Education 190 AC: Critical Studies in Education

English 126: British Literature: 1900-1945

English C136: Topics in American Studies

English 165: Special Topics

English 166: Special Topics - New Orleans

English  C181/History of Art C109: Digital Humanities, Visual Cultures: Digital Travels

English 190: Research Seminar - The Urban Postcolonial

Environmental Design 4A: Design and Activism

Environmental Design 4B: Global Cities

Environmental Design 100: The City: Theories and Methods in Urban Studies

Environmental Science, Policy & Management 155AC: Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems 

Film 160: National Cinema- Shanghai Cinema

Gender and Women Studies 111: Feminist and Queer Activist Visual Cultures

Geography 31: Justice, Nature, and the Geographies of Identity (offered Summer 2020)

Geography 70AC: The Urban Experience (offered Summer 2020)

Geography 80: Digital Worlds: An Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

Geography 107: Waste Matters: Exploring the Abject, Discarded and Disposable  (offered Summer 2020)

Geography 160B: American Cultural Landscapes: 1900 - Present

Geography 170: Walkers in the City: Landscape, Mobility, and Everyday Life (offered Summer 2020)

Geography 181: Urban Field Study

Geography 182: Field Study of Buildings and Cities (offered Summer 2020)

Global Studies 10B: Critical Issues in Global Studies

Global Studies 24: Freshman Seminar In Global Studies

Global Studies 140/Slavic 139: Post-Soviet Cultures - After Socialism: Post-Soviet Cultures in Russia and Beyond

History 7B: United States from Civil War to Present (pending AC status; offered Summer 2020)

History 39U: Shanghai: Between China and the World

History 39X:  Fiction and the Historical Imagination: Modern Egypt from 1919 to the Arab Spring

History N100.003: History of Silicon Valley (Offered Summer 2020)

History 100F: Not Beijing, Not Shanghai: Four Capitals in China, Past and Present

History 100M: Special Topics in History of the Middle East - Tel Aviv: A City from the Sands

History 120AC/ESPM 160AC: American Environmental and Cultural History

History 106A: Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic

History 106B: Roman Empire (offered Summer 2020)

History 116D: 20th Century China (offered Summer 2020)

History 131B: Social History of US: End of Civil War to Global Age (pending AC status; offered Summer 2020)

History 134A: The Age of the City, 1825-1933

History 134B: The Age of the City: The 20th Century to the Present

History 137AC: Repeopling of America (offered Summer 2020)

History C139B/Demography 145AC: The American Immigrant Experience

History 158C: Modern Europe: Old and New Europe, 1914-present (offered Summer 2020)

History 167D: Berlin and the Twentieth Century

History of Art 27: Visual Cultures of Africa

History of Art 36: ASIAN MODERN: Art + Architecture, 1800-present

History of Art 37: Contemporary Art + Architecture from Asia, ca. 1945-present (offered Summer 2020)

History of Art 38: Art, Ecology, and Asia: Ecohumanities and, or Against, the Climate Crisis

History of Art 41: Introduction to Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

History of Art 80: Introduction to the Art and Architecture of South and Southeast Asia: Tantric Yogis, Dancing Ganeshas, Starving Buddhas

History of Art 80: Introduction to Modern Art (offered Summer 2020)

History of Art 100: Theories and Methods of Art History (offered Summer 2020)

History of Art 101: Theories and Methods for a Global History of Art

History of Art 105: Eco Art: Art, Architecture, and the Natural Environment

History of Art 108: Cities and the Arts: Rome and Constantinople

History of Art 108: Projecting Ancient Rome

History of Art 132: Asian American Art and Architecture

History of Art 156C: Fashion, Technology and the Sensible (offered Summer 2020)

History of Art 180C: The Spectacle of Modernity: Art and Technologies in late 19th-Century Paris

History of Art 182: Histories of Photography (offered Summer 2020)

History of Art 185A: Art, Architecture, and Design in the United States (1800 to the Present)

History of Art 186C: Contemporary Art in the Americas

History of Art 190F: Visual Activism (offered Fall 2020)

History of Art 190G: UC Berkeley Campus Architecture

History of Art 192H: Contemporary Art In/Against Global Crisis: Cairo

History of Art 192M: Undergraduate Seminar: Urban Africa

History of Art 192M: Undergraduate Seminar: Problems in Research and Interpretation: Global Modernism

International and Area Studies 158AC / PACS 148AC: Social Movements, Urban Histories and the Politics of Memory

International and Area Studies 196: 14301 Special Field Research 

Italian 40: Italian Culture (offered in English)

Italian 105: The City / La città

Italian 120: Viaggio in Italia: Art, Tourism, and Culture from the Renaissance to Modernity

Jewish 120: Special Topics in Jewish Studies—Jewish Folktales from Around the World: Past and Present, Self and Other

Jewish 121A: Topics in Arts and Culture: Holocaust Museums in Israel and the World

Jewish 121B: Jewish Arts and Culture

Landscape Architecture C171: The American Designed Landscape Since 1850

Landscape Architecture C188: Geographic Information Systems

Media Studies 112: Media Theories & Processes

Near Eastern Studies 109: Mesopotamian History

Portuguese 128: Twentieth-Century Brazilian Literature (Portuguese 103 is recommended but not required)

Rhetoric 114: Rhetoric of New Media (offered Summer 2020)

Rhetoric 116: Rhetoric, Culture and Society (offered Summer 2020)

Rhetoric 127: Novel, Society, and Politics

Rhetoric 167: Advanced Themes in Legal Theory, Philosophy, and Argumentation

Scandinavian 75: Literature and Culture of the Nordic World

Slavic 46: Utopias and Dystopias of the Russian Revolution

Slavic 50: Intro to Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures (offered Summer 2020)

Slavic 139/Global Studies 140: Post-Soviet Cultures - After Socialism: Post-Soviet Cultures in Russia and Beyond

Slavic 170: Written in exile: an emergent post-Yugoslav literature?

Spanish 102C: The City as Text: From Buenos Aires to San Juan and Berkeley

Spanish 135: Studies in Hispanic Literature

Sociology 136: Urban Sociology (generally offered in spring)

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies W158: Global Citizenship

To see current and upcoming Core courses, visit the Undergraduate Certificate Core Course List.