Experiments in Online and Print Journals on Cities

Urban Pilgrimage and Participatory Urbanisms

October 2, 2014


Padma Maitland (Architecture and South and Southeast Asian Studies) and Lawrence Yang (East Asian Languages and Cultures) will discuss Urban Pilgrimage, a special web-based and print issue of the UC Berkeley architecture journal Room One Thousand. It will examine the historical and contemporary connection between cities and the itineraries of those who pass through them.



Ciclistas Bonequeiros, São Paulo, Brazil



Karin Shankar (Performance Studies) and Kirsten Larson (City and Regional Planning and Architecture) will discuss pARTicipatory Urbanisms, an innovative one-time, web-based publication exploring the multifarious meanings of "participation" and its conditions of possibility in making art and politics in urban spaces.


Both publication projects were selected from a highly competitive slate of proposals for support from the Global Urban Humanities Initiative. Selected by the Initiative, Urban Pilgrimage and pARTicipatory Urbanisms represent important examples of the methodological experimentation embodied in the growing field of urban humanities. Both publications will be completed in Spring 2015.

The complete PowerPoint presentations can be found below:

Video of the presentation can be viewed here.

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