Call for Applications: Course Enhancement Fellowship Grants on Cities and Urban Life

Course Enhancement Fellowship Grants on Cities and Urban Life

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The Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GUH) is pleased to announce the availability of course enhancement grant fellowships for UC Berkeley faculty teaching graduate or undergraduate courses on cities and urban life.  

In this grant fellowship program, we aim to bring together faculty who teach about cities in a variety of disciplines to workshop syllabi for existing or new courses. The purpose of the workshops is to share ideas for readings, pedagogical techniques, and approaches across disciplines in order to enhance teaching about cities and urban life. Through this process, we hope to enhance the course offerings in our new Graduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities and our Undergraduate Certificate currently in development.

Eligible courses can be ones already primarily focused on urban themes, or courses with some urban content in which the instructor wishes to increase the emphasis on cities, space, and place. For courses already focused on cities, participation in the workshops should center on incorporating new approaches outside the proposer’s home discipline.

The fellows will meet in three two-hour workshops in Fall 2017 to discuss their syllabi and to hear presentations on pedagogical experiments in past GUH courses, in which faculty have developed innovative pedagogical methods through interdisciplinary team teaching, particularly through experiential, fieldwork-based “studio” courses.

The fellows will each receive $2,000 to be used for any purpose related to the course in question, such as travel, technical training, books, research assistance, guest speakers, etc.

Eligibility: Ladder-rank faculty and lecturers SOE. (Non-SOE lecturers and graduate students designing courses such as Reading and Composition courses are invited to submit applications as indications of interest; although they are not eligible for these grants, we hope to launch other workshops at a later time.)

Proposals will be assessed according to three criteria: (1) potential for enhancing the range and depth of courses on cities, urban life, space and place at UC Berkeley (2) potential for introducing interdisciplinary methods to existing courses and (3) interest of the applicant in joining on-going conversations within the Global Urban Humanities community.

GUH supports the study of cities and urban life by bringing together approaches from the arts and humanities, the interpretive social sciences, and the environmental design disciplines. It is a growing community of faculty and students from 28 departments including Architecture, Art History, Art Practice, City and Regional Planning, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Music, Rhetoric, Theater, Dance & Performance Studies, etc.

GUH is generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Application requirements and forms are linked above.

Examples of past Global Urban Humanities courses can be seen here.

For questions, contact GUH Project Director Susan Moffat at

Applications should be submitted to GUH Program Coordinator Tina Novero at

NOTE: In addition to these small course enhancement grants, larger grants to support traveling graduate studio courses and undergraduate Bay Area studio courses are also available.

Application Information - PDF

Application Form - Word document