Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GUH)


Congratulations to the 2019 GUH Certificate Graduates

We are excited to announce that we have 19 graduate and undergraduate students who completed the GUH Certificate this year. They come from departments and programs including American Studies, Architecture, Art History, Art Practice, Economics, English, Geography, Global Studies, Urban Design and Urban Studies. Their research in site-based studio courses that included travel to places including Lagos and New Orleans produced new knowledge about urban life by combining methods from the humanities and the design disciplines.

TED Talk featuring Ron Rael on Reimagining the US-Mexico Border Wall

What is a border? It's a line on a map, a place where cultures mix and merge in beautiful, sometimes violent and occasionally ridiculous ways. And a border wall? An overly simplistic response to that complexity, says Architecture Professor and GUH Faculty Ronald Rael. In a moving, visual talk, Rael reimagines the physical barrier that divides the United States and Mexico -- sharing satirical, serious works of art inspired by the borderlands and showing us the border we don't see in the news. "There are not two sides defined by a wall. This is one landscape, divided," Rael says. This talk is also the topic of the Spring 2018 GUH Studio Borderwall Urbanism co-taught by Ron Rael and Stephanie Syjuco. Watch

Spring 2019 Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio Course: New Orleans

How can a city's past become a meaningful platform for its future? The GUH Undergraduate Studio Course will focus on New Orleans as a case study on urban design rooted in the historical memory of the city. This course is taught by Anna Livia Brand (Landscape Architecture) and Bryan Wagner (English) and listed as LDARCH 154+199/AMERSTD 102. More

Spring 2019 Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio Course: Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a dense hub of inspiring creativity, hustle and entrepreneurship. Lagosians have devised ingenius ways of making things happen in the face of their city's ever-expanding population, massive infrastructural challenges and controversial practices of state-sanctioned land capture. This course is taught by Charisma Acey (City & Regional Planning) and Ivy Mills (History of Art) and listed as CYPLAN 291/HISTART 290. More

Spring 2019 Graduate Seminar: The City, Arts, and Public Space

Local urban practices and artistic interventions are recreating public spaces in metropolises around the world. This theory and methods course taught by Teresa Caldeira (City & Regional Planning) and Shannon Jackson (Rhetoric and Theater, Dance and Performance Studies) examines a foundational set of readings in urban humanities. CYPLAN 291/RHETOR 240G. Required for the Graduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities. More