Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GUH)


course enhancement grants DEADLINE EXTENDED! 4/20

The Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GUH) provides course enhancement grants and workshops for faculty teaching graduate or undergraduate courses on cities and urban life.  Faculty will each receive $2,000 to be used for travel, technical training, books, research assistance, guest speakers, etc. and will participate in a syllabus workshop to share ideas with colleagues in different disciplines. More

GUH Certificate Program: Call for courses!

The Global Urban Humanities Initiative lists courses addressing urban topics from many departments in the arts and humanities, social sciences, environmental design and beyond. If you are a faculty member and would like your undergraduate or graduate course listed as an elective for our Certificate programs, please email us. We also welcome suggestions from students and staff.

landscape architecture+theater course: Photo Blog from weeks 5 and 6 

How can the body illuminate the landscape, and vice-versa? Students continued their semester-long inquiry into the intersection of design and performance in Siteworks, the GUH undergraduate research studio course. Check out photos of movement exercises and visual representations of physical and emotional space. More