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Upcoming Symposium

Spatializing Sovereignty

Friday, March 4, 2016, 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Anthony Hall, UC Berkeley

Inspired by recent interventions in Indigenous, feminist, postcolonial, queer, ethnic, and Black studies, the Society of Radical Geography, Spatial Theory, and Everyday Life’s 2016 symposium will ask how the spatiality of sovereignty is felt, practiced, embodied, and imposed at different scales. It is a one-day gathering that brings graduate students and faculty members across the disciplines together with artists and community activists. more

Hosted by the Center for Race and Gender, co-sponsored by the Global Urban Humanities Initiative


Sound and the City

Nicholas Mathew, Dept. of Music, College of Letters & Science
Nicholas de Monchaux, Dept. of Architecture, College of Environmental Design

This seminar takes place at the intersection of sound studies and urban studies, architectural theory and musicology, making and thinking. It asks what each of these practices, emerging and long-established, has to learn from a range of premises: that sound and space are inseparably entangled, that sound crucially shapes... more

City of Memory

Andrew Shanken, Dept. of Architecture, College of Environmental Design
Lauren Kroiz, Dept. of Art History, College of Letters & Science

In this seminar we will explore theories of the city and built environment with a focus on memory. Considering the combined civic and aesthetic functions of urban spaces, we will examine topics ranging from collective memory to architectural revival and preservation, from historic parks to modes of commemoration enacted... more

Mexico City


C. Greig Crysler, Dept. of Architecture, College of Environmental Design
Angela Marino, Dept. of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, College of Letters & Science
María Moreno Carranco, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa

This research studio course will travel to Mexico City to investigate approaches to aesthetics and activism within its layered and complex urban spaces. Considering the city space as a dynamic and fluid environment, a place of (sometimes violent) meeting and exchange, and its integral relationship to other city spaces... more

Latest Photos and Videos

From the Art, Politics & the City in Mexico and China symposium

Both photos and videos from GloUH's Fall 2015 Symposium, held on October 23rd, are now available online. Many thanks to our volunteer photographers--Ryan Hoang, Quan Huynh, Tamara Kalo, Hien Nguyen, Shamsher Virk and Jeffrey Yung--and to ETS for documenting this event.