Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GUH)


Call for Papers: Techniques of Memory: Landscape, Iconoclasm, Medium and Power April 17-18, 2019

The Global Urban Humanities Initiative is pleased to announce its upcoming Spring 2019 symposium Techniques of Memory: Landscape, Iconoclasm, Medium and Power on April 17-18, 2019. This symposium will explore research, projects and dialogues on memory and monuments. The Call for Scholars, Practitioners, Artists, Architects and Activists is now available. More

Watch a TED Talk with GUH Faculty Walter Hood on how urban spaces can preserve history and build community

Can public spaces both reclaim the past and embrace the future? Landscape architect Walter Hood has explored this question over the course of an iconic career, with projects ranging from Lafayette Square Park in San Francisco to the upcoming International African American Museum in Charleston, South Carolina. In this inspiring talk packed with images of his work, Hood shares the five simple concepts that guide his approach to creating spaces that illuminate shared memories and force us to look at one another in a different way. Walter Hood taught the Fall 2016 Graduate GUH Studio The Museum and the City: Reimagining the Oakland Museum of California and its Neighbors. More

Missed Richard Prum's lecture on his book "The Evolution of Beauty?" Watch the video!

This video is a recording of Yale ornithologist Richard Prum's book The Evolution of Beauty on November 5, 2018. Prum argues that female birds select their mates based on aesthetic choice, leading to the notion that sexual agency matters to animals as well as to humans.  More

Watch videos from "Border Crossings: Interdisciplinary Experiments in the Global Urban Humanities"

If you missed the Border Crossings symposium, don't fret! The videos from the panel discussions are now available for viewing. Learn about the past five years of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative's interdisciplinary work, including what worked and what didn't. More

Watch a video from Siteworks: A Surprise Party performance at the Albany Bulb by GUH Undergraduate Students

Siteworks: A Surprise Party was performed at the Albany Bulb by students from the Siteworks Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio on April 19, 2018. Students studied the physical and emotional landscapes of the Albany Bulb through methods from landscape architecture as well as from dance and theater to explore the former landfill site. This was part of the final project for LDARCH 154/THEATER 114 Siteworks: Understanding Place through Design and Performance in Spring 2018. More

Watch a video from the Fall 2018 Open House to learn about the Global Urban Humanities Initiative

Want to learn more about the Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates in Global Urban Humanities? Looking for grant and fellowship opportunities? Watch this video from our recent Open House to get an overview of GUH and its 2018-2019 courses, resources and events. More

Spring 2019 Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio Course: New Orleans

How can a city's past become a meaningful platform for its future? The GUH Undergraduate Studio Course will focus on New Orleans as a case study on urban design rooted in the historical memory of the city. This course is taught by Anna Livia Brand (Landscape Architecture) and Bryan Wagner (English) and listed as LDARCH 154+199/tbd. Course applications are now available. Students pursuing the Undergraduate Certificate will get priority in the application process. APPLICATIONS DUE OCT 5 More

Spring 2019 Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Studio Course: Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a dense hub of inspiring creativity, hustle and entrepreneurship. Lagosians have devised ingenius ways of making things happen in the face of their city's ever-expanding population, massive infrastructural challenges and controversial practices of state-sanctioned land capture. This course is taught by Charisma Acey (City & Regional Planning) and Ivy Mills (History of Art) and listed as CYPLAN 291/HISTART 290. Course applications are now available. Students pursuing the Graduate Certificate will get priority in the application process. APPLICATIONS DUE OCT 12 More

Spring 2019 Graduate Seminar: The City, Arts, and Public Space

Local urban practices and artistic interventions are recreating public spaces in metropolises around the world. This theory and methods course taught by Teresa Caldeira (City & Regional Planning) and Shannon Jackson (Rhetoric and Theater, Dance and Performance Studies) examines a foundational set of readings in urban humanities. CYPLAN tbd/RHETOR 240G. Required for the Graduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities. More