9.30.13: Reimagining the Urban: Conversations

Lively discussions about art, public space, technology, nature and the bottom line were flying around the Brower Center and beyond on Sept. 30 at the Reimagining the Urban symposium, both face-to-face and over Twitter.  At this event co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Global Urban Humanities Initiative and the Arts Research Center, civic hackers, curators, artists and real estate developers presented both competing and collaborative visions of urban space. Below is an archive of Twitter activity before, during, and after the symposium, shown in chronological order. Scroll through the tweets to see how the discussion progressed. Don't miss the afternoon conversation among Raquel Gutierrez, Ava Roy, Lauren Dietrich-Chavez, and Rebecca Novick on site-specific art; and among Susan Schwartzenberg, Brad McCrea, and Louise Pubols on bayfront art.

Check out more in-depth reflections on the symposium at our blog: http://globalurbanhumanities.berkeley.edu/blog