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Undergraduate Certificate Program

Welcome to the Global Urban Humanities Undergraduate Certificate Program! If you are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to studying cities and urban life, we hope you will join our community of urbanists, artists, designers, scholars and practitioners. The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities provides a framework for the study of cities and urban life that brings together approaches from many disciplines, with an emphasis on approaches from the arts and humanities and the design disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, and urban design. Participation in the Certificate program makes you part of an active community of scholars and urban practitioners and artists engaged in development new methods of research and teaching. 

Required courses:  1) Siteworks:  Understanding Place (Interdisciplinary Research Studio) 2) Elective in the College of Environmental Design 3) Elective in the College of Letters and Science (these courses must be approved by petition as the course numbers listed cover urban topics only in certain years)

Undergraduate Core Courses - Fall 2018 

Spring 2018 interdisciplinary research studio: SITEWORKS-UNDERSTANDING PLACE Through Design and Performance

GUH Undergraduate Research Studio Spring 2018. Each year, we offer a fieldwork-based course that allows undergraduates to explore an urban Bay Area site using methods from architecture, city planning, the arts, performance, and the humanities. More

 Undergraduate Electives - Fall 2018

all electives require approval by petition.

College of Environmental Design (CED) Electives 

Courses offered in Fall 2017 - 

Architecture 110AC: Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture and Urban Design. (Fall 2017) Cranz

Architecture 130: Intro to Architectural Design Theory and Criticism. (Fall 2017) Crysler

Architecture 139: Design and Difference: Spaces of Queer Theory. (Fall 2017) Crysler

Architecture 170A: An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism. (Fall 2017) Shanken

Architecture 179:  Utopias and Heterotopias. (Fall 2017)  Cenzatti

Architecture 179: Writing on the Walls. (Fall 2017)  Shanken

City Planning 140: Urban Design: City-Building and Place-Making. (Fall 2017) Macdonald

City Planning 190: Advanced Topics in Urban Studies. (Fall 2017)  Rodriguez

Environmental Design 4A: Design and Activism. (Fall 2017) Castillo

Landscape Architecture C171: The American Designed Landscape Since 1850. (Fall 2017) Mozingo 

Letters & Science (L&S) Division Electives 

Courses offered in Fall 2017 - 

American Studies H110 002/ HA 192CU.2: From SFMOMA to the Ghost Ship: Exploring Bay Area Arts Ecosystems (American Studies BA Only. Permission of instructor required) (Fall 2017) Winet

Anthropology 138A: History and Theory of Ethnographic Film. (Fall 2017) Fisher

Chinese 158: Reading Chinese Cities. (Fall 2017) Po

Classics 130: Etruscan Italy. (Fall 2017) Pieraccini  

Dutch 171AC: From New Amsterdam to New York: Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherland. (Fall 2017) Dewulf

Education 186 AC / Geography 159AC / Ethnic Studies 159AC: The Southern Border. (Fall 2017) Shaiken

Education 190 AC / Geography 190 AC: Critical Studies in Education. (Fall 2017) Murphy-Graham, Sobko

English C136: New Orleans. (Fall 2017) Wagner

English 190: Great Britain in the 1960s. (Fall 2017) Gang

English 190: Literature and Revolution. (Fall 2017) Lee

English 190:  The Historical Novel. (Fall 2017) Puckett

Geography 170: On the Move: Mobility, Infrastructure, and Urban Life. (Fall 2017) Stehlin

Global Studies 10B: Critical Issues in Global Studies. (Fall 2017)  Talwalker

History 106A: Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic. (Fall 2017) Taylor

History of Art 36: Asia Modern: Art + Architecture, 1800-present. (Fall 2017) Gupta

History of Art 41: Introduction to Greek and Roman Art and Architecture. (Fall 2017) Stewart

History of Art 101 - Theories and Methods for a Global History of Art

History of Art C109: Digital Humanities, Visual Cultures: Digital Travels. Honig (Last offered Spring 2017)

History of Art 186C: Contemporary Art in the Americas. (Fall 2017)  Bryan-Wilson

History of Art 192M: Problems in Research and Interpretation: Global Modernism: Urban Africa. (Fall 2017) Mills

Italian 40: Italian Culture (in English). (Fall 2017) Fuller

Portuguese 128: People in Transit: Survey of Brazilian Literature knowledge of Portuguese required). (Fall 2017) Macedo

Scandinavian 75: Literature and Culture of the Nordic World. (Fall 2017)  Rugg

 Spanish 102C-Cities as Texts: Buenos Aires, San Juan and Berkeley. (Fall 2018) Barili

Spanish 135: Casa Tomada: Literatura, Arquitectura, Poder. (Fall 2017) McEnaney 


Classics 170: Pompeii

English  C181 Digital Humanities, Visual Cultures: Digital Travels

Geography 160B: American Cultural Landscapes: 1900 - Present

Geography 181: Urban Field Study

Geography 182: Field Study of Buildings and Cities

History 120AC: American Environmental and Cultural History (cross-listed as ESPM 160AC)

History 134A: The Age of the City, 1825-1933. Milner

History C139B: The American Immigrant Experience  (cross-listed as DEMOG 145AC)

History of Art 27: Visual Cultures of Africa

History of Art C109: Digital Humanities, Visual Cultures: Digital Travels

History of Art 132: Asian American Art and Architecture (Spring 2018) Atreyee Gupta - CCN: 42131

IAS 158AC / PACS 148AC: Social Movements, Urban Histories and the Politics of Memory

LS 128 001: Crowd and Cloud (Spring 2018) Anne G. Walsh, Julia Q Bryan-Wilson, Corinne P Hayden 


Comparative Literature R1A: Other Worlds

Comparative Literature R1B 015: Borders, Ruptures, Gaps: The Fault Lines of Literature

English R1B 012: London: Self and the City

English R1B Reading and Composition: Blank Generation: the Changing Arts in 1970s New York City. Alexander

History of Art R1B 005: Reading and Writing about Visual Experience: Queering the City: Activist Art in the Late Twentieth Century

History of Art R5B 008: Zaha Hadid: Form, Function, Figures

SASIAN R5B 004: Intersectionalities of Rural and Urban India in 21st-Century Hindi Films

Scandinavian R5B 001: Place in Scandinavian Literature

Slavic R5A: Writing in Emigration: Russian and American Literary and Cultural Life in Interwar Paris

Slavic R5B 001: Alternative Spaces: Urban Literature on the Fringes                                        

Slavic R5B 002: Psychogeography: Writing About the City                                

Slavic R5B 003: Mapping Spaces, Mapping Texts

FILm and media COURSES

FILM 240 002: Graduate Topics in Film - Middle East Conceptualisms (Spring 2018) Weihong Bao - CNN: 32626