Posted on by Susan Moffat

By Michael Dear



The Association of American Geographers (AAG), in cooperation with Routledge publishers, is sponsoring the launch of a new academic journal entitled GEOHUMANITIES. This exciting development is obviously of great interest to the Mellon-funded Global Urban Humanities Initiative, and will likely be a major catalyst for growth of work in the broader transdisciplinary realm.

The AAG requests applications from individuals interested in becoming one of two co-editors of the journal. Very importantly, the Association plans to appoint one co-editor from Geography, and one from the Humanities (broadly understood). The announcement with complete information on the editorship can be viewed here.

As someone who has long been involved in the AAG's Geohumanities initiative, I strongly encourage Humanities colleagues to lend their support to this promising development. Past work of the Geohumanities Initiative includes the publications of the essay collections Geohumanities: Art, History, and Text at the Edge of Place and Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds.

Michael Dear, Professor of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley, is a member of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GloUH) Steering Committee.  In spring 2014 he co-taught with Assistant Professor Weihong Bao a GloUH-sponsored course on urban theory and media theory called The City and Its Moving Images.  In February 2014, Professor Dear organized an interdisciplinary symposium focused on geohumanities associated with that course.